Scary Torch (Very Short Fiction)

A woman holds and umbrella with fire sparks flying around her. In the deep, dark, musty corner of the humid dripping basement of the house is a torch. Barely flickering, the torch looks sad and forlorn. Old and used up. Sputtering to put out any light at all, like a sad relic of the past.... Continue Reading →

Experimental Sunrise (Poem)

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Ride the morning breezeA peaceful teaseDew does freezeNight leaveFree Increase the morning lightRelease of nightSun brightRight Upon the beams of heatMorning does repeatBright seatRetreat Mother nature, open eyesMother nature spiesMother criesOh whyTry LandEarth sandIn your handsCould be big and grand FairShould careMuch too rareDon’t need a dare EndLove I... Continue Reading →

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