What is Blue (Poem 6)

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com What is life to you?Is it the color blue?That is for you to choose.Life winds and bends down many paths and roadsLife twists and turns, sometimes you lift many loadsLife can seem like a big truck of toadsBut the color you choose is up to youEven if that color... Continue Reading →

Power is Dust (Poem)

Photo by Huebert World on Pexels.com What people find in powerCan become quite sourSometimes requires a shower With power comes greedWith power comes the needWith power comes the feed Feed the ego with treachery and liesThis, no one deniesNo matter the cries Cries for help are silencedCries for justice are not balancedCries for peaceAre just... Continue Reading →

Found the Rhythm(poem)

For many years I felt like I was deadNothing right in the headNothing made sense except dreadSlogging through the yearsRunning from the fearsUsing all of the tearsThen, one day there was an eventThat would start to preventThe fears that had formed a tentA tent of fearThat was oh so nearCausing all of this fear ThenI... Continue Reading →

Rhythm of Life (not a poem)

Over the last few days, I have written and published lots of rhymes and poems. In these recent days, also, I have released more writing to the masses of the web than I have, well, at pretty much at any point in my life. It has gotten to a point where my mind automatically tries... Continue Reading →

My Self Imposed Trial By Fire

No real fire was involved, but it sounds cool.  Besides being the name of one game in the awesome Quest for Glory series of games by the now-defunct Sierra Online, there is a definition for this phrase. Though being a phrase, the English dictionary does not define it, but it is defined in many places... Continue Reading →

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