Find a Tree (Mental Health Poem)

Refreshing walk Neurons talk Anxieties sulk Walk with me Find a tree Anxieties flee Tree of the Earth Tree of great girth Tree of grounding and rebirth Plant a mental tree Find it when you need to flee It will help anxiety It does help me--Bryan Vest 2022

There is The Light (Poem)

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Somewhere off in the distance, is that a flash I see?Through the dark and gloom, could it be?The years of suffer and torment, dealt to me.Extracted a huge mental fee. Day inDay outThe dark winsAn anxiety boutYears of fearYears of doubtYes my dearI am allowed to pout I have... Continue Reading →

Don’t Poke (Poem)

Photo by Elīna Arāja on Most of the time my poems are short and clappyMost of the time my poems are quite happySometimes though, they can get quite scrappy There are topics hard and toughTopics where the card is roughSometimes words are never enough Think your thoughts and form your wordsSmell the air and... Continue Reading →

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