Find a Tree (Mental Health Poem)

Refreshing walk Neurons talk Anxieties sulk Walk with me Find a tree Anxieties flee Tree of the Earth Tree of great girth Tree of grounding and rebirth Plant a mental tree Find it when you need to flee It will help anxiety It does help me--Bryan Vest 2022

Return to Earth (Short Poem)

Wafting up to the skyWithout a thought or a whyDisappearing soonProbably before noonReturn to the EarthGive a rebirthGlinting in the SunNowhere to runAlmost doneLooking like a dreamFilling the seamWhat I rhyme about is steam--Bryan Vest 2022

Random (ShortPoem)

Loosing focus, time for a rhyme What shall we explore this time Programming or physics Blogging or heuristics Poeming or big sticks It doesn't matter what you do Just be you You for you Then you know who--Bryan Vest2020

United (Poem)

Storm on The Horizon -- Bryan Vest -- 2018 (I have been posting a lot of short poems to twitter but not sharing them here, now they will be here too) Divide and conquer That is the moniker Split into groups Jump through the hoops Laws with loops Large horn toots Work boots The change... Continue Reading →

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